Central Pasco & Gulf Railroad


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What’s the essence of railroad heritage preservation?

Railroad heritage preservation helps ensure that the future generation can also enjoy using railways. It also helps promote local tourism because many railroad infrastructure are preserved in museums.

We’re a non-profit organization with a focus on railroad heritage preservation. We also provide information on top local sites to help you choose interesting places to explore when visiting Pasco in Florida.

What is CPGRR?

What sets CPGRR apart?

We’re railroad enthusiasts with a true passion and love for preserving railroads. We also love to share information about local sites. It’s our passion, true love for railroads and expertise in railroading that sets us apart.

We provide all the information you may need about preserving railroads in Pasco, Florida. We also offer tourist information about the county that you can’t find elsewhere. What’s more, we’re native to Pasco, hence provide authentic information.