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Over 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily worldwide.


500 billion cups annually in a global industry that’s worth over $100 billion.

Coffee is a favorite drink of many people around the world. It’s the go-to drink for many people who consume it without realizing why.

Sometimes, nothing beats sipping a cup of coffee with some good music playing in the background. Although you can enjoy a cup of coffee at home, in a restaurant or café, it’s also increasingly becoming a popular drink served in trains.

Some benefits of coffee for travelers include:

  • Reduced depression
  • Better performance
  • Fights free radicals in the body to prevent illness due to its rich antioxidant content
  • Improves memory and fights dementia
  • It alleviates the effects of traveling because it promotes hydration and relaxes the mind

You need to learn to prepare coffee to enjoy your favorite drink or serve it to passengers on trains. The six main ways to prepare coffee include:

  • Using a coffee maker
  • Using a mug and a coffee dripper
  • Using a French press
  • Using a percolator
  • Using filtered or bottled water for the best taste
  • Without a coffee maker

Whichever way you decide to prepare coffee, you need essentials to support your preparation process. They include:

5 Things You Need to Prepare Gourmet Coffee

  1. Milk frother

You need a milk frother if you prefer cappuccino, latte or café au lait coffee. Use an electric frother to froth milk for the best results.

Simply pour your milk in the electric frother and press the power button to froth your milk. Leave it for a few minutes to create a perfect milk froth.

The Epica Automatic Milk Frother and Heater Carafe are versatile to support other uses. Whether your milk is cold or hot, you can froth it to make iced coffee drinks. What’s more, you can use the frother to heat milk.

Additionally, the detachable carafe ensures no cord gets in your way when frothing your milk. The level indicator helps you determine the right amount of milk to froth.

  1. A coffee maker

With a frother, grinder, beans, and a water filter at hand, you still need a coffee maker to brew the best cups of your favorite drink. As mentioned above, you can brew coffee in different ways.

However, the easiest and fastest way to fix coffee involves the use of a regular drip brewer. With the best espresso machine under 300, you won’t sacrifice the great taste of your yummy drink for mere simplicity in coffee preparation.

Also, compare Gaggia anima and deluxe prestige reviews to make an informed decision. Check out Emerging Pictures for different coffee makers.

The great-looking machine prepares everything to ensure you’re ready to brew coffee. Water is heated to 205 degrees Fahrenheit, the best temperature for extracting flavor from your beans.

It’s based on a “showerhead” drip mechanism that evenly saturates the ground. Moreover, it’s a great option for pre-infusion if you care more about the taste of your coffee.

  1. A water filter

Water is a major ingredient for preparing coffee. Therefore you need high-quality water to prepare the tastiest drink.

Use purified water instead of tap water to brew coffee. The latter is usually hard and varies in taste from one region to another.

Install a purifying water system such as a water softener to soften and purify your well water. Use a Brita pitcher for an easier, cost-effective way to get pure, clean, and great-tasting water.

Make sure there’s always purified water in your fridge for a handy ingredient whenever you decide to prepare coffee.

  1. A burr grinder

Grind your own coffee beans to consistently brew great-tasting coffee. You need a burr grinder built with a hopper to direct beans down the grinding wheels to produce medium, fine or coarsely ground coffee beans, as you desire.


Which is the best burr grinder for you?

The best burr grinder strikes a balance between price and reliability. Its compact size means it takes up less counter space in your kitchen.

A good example is the Capresso Infinity Grinder with 16 fineness settings for your preferred coarse of coffee beans, be it drip, espresso, or French press. Conical burrs deliver precise grinds.

  1. Coffee beans

You also need high-quality coffee beans to prepare a tasty drink with great taste. Find coffee beans roasted in local coffee shops to buy.

Alternatively, order coffee beans online to roast on your own. Coffee retailers such as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf sell freshly-roasted coffee beans shipped to your doorstep.

The retailer hand-selects coffee beans for roasting to perfection. While doing so, it puts emphasis on the main flavors of every unique type of beans.

With Colombia Narino beans, for instance, you’re bound to please your train passengers with great cups of coffee.

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