September 2007 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

On September 1, Scott's Tractor Service delivered 19 tons of ballast from P.A.W.

Using a tractor loaned to us by Tropical Tile, members loaded a ballast car.

This photo shows the ballast being transported to the next section where a crew is waiting.
After dumping ballast, the crew does preliminary leveling, tamping and smoothing (photos to left and below).
This 19 tons of ballast covered over 550 feet of track.
Mean while, another crew planted 448 dwarf azaleas donated by the Archie Hamlin Nursery. Planted at left near rider exit area, lower left along railroad and below at the Dade City Station.


At the September 8th work session the track crew began assembling a fixture to build track switches. Immediately thereafter, assembly of the first switch began.
Another crew began laying and connecting the track to and through the Dade City Station.
At the September 29th work session, we started using one of our new ballast cars to help spread ballast at the Dade City Station.
Here the ballast is being dumped from tractor directly to areas between tracks at the entrance to the station.
Mean while the track crew, now re supplied with more rail, began assembling more track panels.
We also took delivery of brick pavers for the station. Pavers were donated by Samuelsen Builders of Elfers, Florida.




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