October 2007 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

At the October 6th work session crews continued to lay, connect, spread ballast and install water & electrical lines.
Using a modified trailer, crew used it to deliver ballast to right of way. Minor problem came up when driver asked "Can someone move that tree".
Here track panels are laid at section of track where it comes the closest to the park road.
Track crew not far behind in connecting panels together.


October 13th, the track crew rebuilt the straight track fixture to accomodate 12 foot rail. First piece shown below. Another crew (below right) upgraded a trailer to be used to transport club equipment and track panels.

Meanwhile, crews completed more trackwork and switches. Below is a photo of one of the crossings made where the track crosses park walking trails.


At the October 20th, work session, the track crew assembled a #11 switch for the Trilby "Y" as well as 13 track panels.
Another crew took delivery of ballast, provided by P.A.W. and delivered by Scott's Tractor Service. They then spread the ballast along track laid in the last couple of weeks.




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