November 2007 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

At the November 3rd work session, the station area was prepped to start laying the pavers that will be the floor.
This photo shows the first course of pavers laid along side of the station tracks.
Track crew worked on another switch for the railroad. Some members not able to come Saturday assembled track panels on Wednesday.


During the weekend of November 17-18, members finished one section of the pavers at the Dade City Station.
Another crew continued to install track panels in at Trilby Junction.


At the November 24th work session, the track assembly crew made over 200 feet of track.
In these three photos, one of the three switches completed this holiday weekend is finished, removed from fixture and loaded for transport
Here, one of those switches placed at the west end of Trilby Junction.
This photo shows where the park personnel have cleared the brush in front of our station down to the unload area. This is the view from the parking lot. Great job guys, thanks.
Here you will see progress on the installation of pavers in the loading area of the Dade City Station.



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