May 2007 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

May 5th, first track panel completed.
Two members working on this side of fixture.
Four members on this side. (Wonder why???)
Thirty panels assembled today!
May 12th, the day began with putting in a gravel floor for work area.
Then began the roadbed prep. First the route was cut to 4" below grade level. All site prep is sponsored by Scott's Tractor Service.
After initial grade cut was made, 4 " of base material was spread and leveled.
Working ahead of the grade work, a laser transit is used to monitor the grade change to maintain maximum of 1.5% grade.

Base material, shown being layed in here, is recycled concrete. All base material and ballast is sponsored by P.A.W. Materials of Odessa, Florida.

CP&G members assisted in moving of 6 truck loads of base material, previously delivered, using Scott's equipment.
As the laying of material progressed down the mainline, base material was loaded onto small trailer that could utilize walking trails to transport it.
Base material is dumped onto roadbed close to area it will be laid.


The two photo's below show a section base prepped then with base material installed.

Rain (if and when we get it) will solidify the base. Then we can lay the track panels and begin to put in ballast.
May 16th, preliminary clearing of the "Y" at Trilby Junction and the departure/arrival track from main yard to Lacoochee.
This photo shows where the track will cross one of the walking paths in the park. This section will connect the mainline from Lacoochee to yard and form a reverse loop.
In larger photo the flags that mark the planned route can be seen. Within the next few weeks these areas will be further cleared, grade cut and base applied.

These photo's show a cut that supplied material for an adjacent fill area to change a 3% grade found to an acceptable level.










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