June 2007 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

Saturday June 2nd, 6 members of the CP&G came out to the Park. Tropical storm Barry paid a visit also.
Due to the storm, which lasted all morning, the crew was only able to build track panels.
These pictures were taken later in the day after the storm passed. We now have assembled 600 feet of track.


June 9th, members of Scott's Tractor Service returned to continue to level and lay in the base for the mainline. Here is a cut made to change the grade of the route to maintain 1 1/2 percent.
After grade was set, the base material of re-cycled concrete, generously donated by PAW Materials, is delivered. A temporary hole was cut into the fence to allow delivery directly to the right of way.
In this picture, the base material is shown being spread along the right of way. Base will be 4" thick all along the main and will solidify after rain wets it down.
After material is spread, final step is to smooth out the base. This photo shows completed base in a fill section down the line from the cut above.
Mean while, CP&G members not assisting Scott's worked on clearing more right of way. Here, with his Bobcat, a member removes stumps and other debris from the "Y" at Trilby Junction.
This picture shows one end of the "Y" after preliminary clearing done by members.
After last of base material delivered today, Scott's began the process of leveling and setting the grade.
Later in the afternoon, members started clearing the right of way from the "Y" to the passenger station which now will be erected due to a donation by Synovus Bank.
Debris is carried out of the woods, loaded in a trailer and deposited in a maintenance area to be burned at a future date.


June 16th, we fabricated a fixture for us to use in the assembly of curved track panels. Also additional track panels were assembled.


At the June 23rd work session Scott's Tractor Service returned with another 3 truck loads of base material donated by P.A.W. Materials.
The base material now extends from our main yard to the "Y" at Trilby Junction. In this photo, the base has been laid on the right of way towards the Dade City terminal (left fork) and into the "Y" on the right.
This photo shows the final process of preparing the base, packing down the base with a motorized packing machine.
Next, the crew began prepping the site for the Dade City passenger station. (Looks like a government job to me.)
Here the ground is leveled for the station, donated by Synovus Bank, will be erected in the near future.
This picture shows the point where the track to the Dade City station (right fork) and the reverse loop converge.
This photo shows right of way prep on curve leading out of Dade City station, through Vinnies Garden, to complete the loop
Mean while, other members continue to build track panels.
New members are shown how to assemble track.
Productive crew brings total up to 1010' worth of track panels. Next week we will start assembling curved track sections.


Saturday, June 30th, work session a retaining wall was built along one side of the cut near Andrew's grade.
After posts were sunk 2 1/2 feet below grade, boards were secured behind them. Next week we will cut off posts and backfill.



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