July 2007 Photo's of RailRoad Progress


The July 7th work session began with clearing the area just adjacent to the main yard for the future car barn.
In this case, manpower was used to load up debris for removal.
At the same time, stumps and roots were cleared from the mainline at Lachooche around to the south end of the main yard.
Crews then moved to the other end of Park and did the same at the loop leaving the Dade City station.
All material removed was then loaded on a trailer.
All debris is being collected in one area until it can be safely burned.


The weekends of July 14th, 21st and 28th almost all the roadbed of Phase 1a has been graded and base material laid.


Progress was aided by the trailer at the left. It was modified to haul base material down the road bed and dump material along the way. This allowed the spreading and grading, by Scott's Tractor Service, to be more efficient.

At right is future site of the Dade City Station. Work on this structure, donated by Synovus, will begin in the next 10 days. Base material has been laid into both ends of the station.

These three photos show the roadbed as it leaves the Dade City Station and proceeds around the loop to return to Trilby Junction.
This photo shows the switch location that is for the Dade City Loop.
In this area the roadbed is limited to 18" to allow for walking path to run alongside. This is the point where the railroad comes the closest to the park road.
This is the east end of the Trilby "Y" that was completed.
Final area with roadbed completed was the town of Macon on the south leg of the Trilby "Y".
Mean while, back at the assembly shelter, other members began assembling curved track panels.
Here the first curved track panel is removed from the fixture as other members look on.



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