December 2007 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

December 1st, the final track panels and switch were installed in Trilby Junction. Switch at west end is below and switch at south end of junction is below/right. At the end of the session all trackwork in this phase of construction has now been laid.
During last week the signs for the Synovus Station at Dade City were installed. Below progress on station pavers is evident and the two new switches to the station tracks are being installed.


On December 8th, members worked on leveling the track and tamping ballast. We had numerous visitors due to a county picnic. Also, shown below, a couple of railroaders from Largo stopped by.
Also, the last switch needed for this section of the railroad was completed and inserted into the track. This switch will lead to a temporary ramp for equipment loading and unloading.


At the December 15th, worksession, work on a ramp to allow for loading and unloading engines and cars nears completion. This will serve us till our main yard, storage and maintenance areas are completed.
Other work in process this weekend included ballasting, track leveling and switch maintenance. All in preparation for our Golden Spike Ceremony on December 29th.


The weekend of December 22-23, members completed the ramp for the loading and unloading of equipment. All were busy completing projects prior to Golden Spike Ceremony to be held next Saturday.
At right, a work train passes the loading ramp, below are two photos of a crew leveling the track and tamping ballast. We now have 2750 feet of operational track for our opening.


First Phase Golden Spike December 29, 2007
Saturday, December 29th began with the unloading of equipment to be used during the ceremony and our first train rides for the public.
Trains were assembled and live steam engines fired up at our passenger station.
Just before noon lunch was provided for our guests and members. Among our honored guests were county and state officials as well as our benefactors from P.A.W., Scott's Tractor Service and Synovus Bank.
Here Pasco County Commissioners Ann Hildbrand and Michael Cox drive the ceremonial Golden Spike.
After the spike was driven we had the ceremonial meeting of the steam engines.
Ceremony was concluded after all of our honored guests were introduced and each was recognized for their contribution to our railroad.
Immediately after the ceremony, members of the public in attendance began getting in the queues for a first day train ride.
Train rides were given to the public from 12:30 until 4 PM. Our next public run day will be on January 12th, and on the second Saturday of each month thereafter.




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