August 2007 Photo's of RailRoad Progress


August 4th the first sections of track were positioned on the Dade City Loop.


Utilizing one of the switches, donated by one of our members.
This view is of the switch in place for the Dade City Loop. The station to the right and the return from loop on left.
This is the view towards Trilby Junction from the Dade City station.
This is a sample of the granite ballast that will be used on the railroad. It is composed of ground up leftovers from granite counter tops. This is comes from our friends at P.A.W.
Last week members erected a pole for power distribution. The power company will be hooking us up in the next couple of weeks.
August 11th, began with installation of rail joiners to the 150 feet of track laid out last week.
After the joiners are installed the track was given initial alignment then conduits for signal wiring and water were laid along side.
Next came the ballast. Transferred from a trailer to ballast cars the ballast was then distributed along the right of way.
This photo shows a stretch of track with ballast installed. Next week final alignment and leveling of this stretch will be done.
We also laid out another 150 feet or so of track to continue the process next week.
This photo shows progress of the Dade City Station, donated by Synovus Bank. This is the front view of the station as visitors would approach it.
This view of the station is from the perspective of a train approaching the station. The portion on the right of this view would be the ticket office and waiting area. The left side the track platform with three tracks.


August 18th members continued to connect track panels together. Left is track leaving Dade loop switch heading to Trilby Junction.
Conduits on either side of the track will carry water, power and signal information.
Continuation of track panel connections towards Trilby.
This is a section of track leading from the Dade switch around back of the station. In the last two weeks we have connected over 550 feet of track.
These photos show the progress on the Dade City Station that was donated by Synovus Bank. Photo at left shows track area on left and museum/passenger area on right.


On August 25th the Dade City Station is nearing completion. This view is from the western entrance as the trains would run.
This view is from the east where trains will leave the station. The station and its construction was donated by Synous Bank.
Our friends from Scott's Tractor Service prepared the grade then spread the recycled concrete base (from P.A.W.). Members then compacted the base and put up some signs.
Another crew of continued to connect another 40+ track panels. The below sequence of photos show the track they connected as it leaves the station and makes the turn towards Trilby Junction.





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