April 2007 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

April 7, contruction of pole barn continues.
Last panels are secured to the roof and barn is complete.
Pole barn crew.
Assembly of donated concrete table.

April 14, 2007

Double sided track panel making fixture begins to take shape. Made from available free material and purchased material.

All components are fastened from the inside.
Tie spacers set by using samples of ties to be used.
Inside fixture, members attach each spacer with two fasteners.
One side nearly complete. Before days end, both sides were completed.
April 19th, clearing the balance of yard area started.
Debris from clearing was gathered up for disposal.
All material was fed to a chipper and spread into woods.
Don't forget to let go!!

April 28th

Earth Day at Crews Lake Park. CP&G had a display and ran an engine on a temporary track.

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