January 2009 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

January 3rd. These photos show preparations for footers to be laid for transfer table in steaming bay area. Forms will be built during the week for concrete pouring.
Also, the last switch needed for the "Y" was completed and the tool shed exterior was completed.
This series shows the track panels positioned from the north end of Sanford that will complete the "Y" and lead to steaming bays.


January 10th. These photos show the further preparation of the steaming bay area. Footers for the transfer table are in place and area prepped for paving.
Roadbed was also put in place for ballast hopper spur.
This series shows the now assembled "Y" at the north end of the Sanford Yard. One leg also serves as the lead for the load/unload/steaming area.
Saturday was also a public run day. Here, one train awaits another at the Dade City junction.
This Saturday we also signed our first patron for the Super Liner. The Duncan Family. For information on the Super Liner Express call 727-569-2289


January 17th. Photo to the right shows the finished grade for the loading/steam bay transfer table.
Here are three views of the load/unload road now with asphalt millings put down.
This series shows track panel and switch construction. Switch was installed then connected. Last photo shows split to loading area and steaming bay leads.
This series shows installation of ballast tipple, filling it, filling hopper cars and finally spreading ballast on newly install track.
Also, a new gate was installed off Wishing Well Lane to allow access to SFWMD test well.
Here you see posts being installed to define the parking area.


January 24th. Here we see a crew using a back hoe, ditch witch and shovels to bury electrical lines to car barn.
Another crew worked on track leading to unloading area.
Track crew made track panels and another switch. Switch then carried to train to haul to installation site.
At the right, switch and panels delivered to south end of Sanford Yard. Photos below show switch installed. This will eventually be a double cross-over.
Another crew worked on installing shelving in the tool room.
This photo shows a portion of the Boy Scout troop hosted on an railroad education stop at Sanford Yard.


January 31st. Electrical cables layed to car barn then backfilled and the break in track was replaced.
Track crew built and installed another switch for the double crossover at the south end of Sanford Yard.
These photos show electrical work being done at Dade City Station and electric, water and air lines being run to steaming bay area.
Another crew put a guard rail in lead track from unload area to ensure equipment will not topple off wall.



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