October 2008 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

On October 4th, a crew worked at a general clean-up and stacking some recently donated materials
Another crew assembled switches and track panels. At the same time we hosted 3 birthday trains.


These photos are from our October 11th Public Run Day. Photo at left is of the first train to come through the Sanford Yard area. Riders got a sneak preview of the opening of the next phase of the railroad.


On October 18th. Members completed two #11 switches for the siding at Trilby Junction.
These three photos show the first #11 installed at the west end of the siding, installation of track panels and finally positioning of the other switch at the east end of the siding.
This photo shows the insulated rail joiners used to electrically isolate a section of track for use in our signal system.
Photo to the left shows one of our recently acquired riding car with its new paint job. Below it, shows part of our parking area that was staked out. And below is a little fellow that wanted to help with the band saw.
This week, as you can see in this photo, Pasco County added a new sign on each of the Crews Lake Park signs.


October 25th. This photo shows the new siding completed this week at Trilby Junction.
As a birthday train passes, a crew begins to relocate the siding at Lachooche to provide more distance between tracks.
First the switch to an industry siding (future site of Winery) is relocated then track was moved to allow adequate passing room.
This photo shows siding in its final position. Ballasting and leveling will finish the job.
Another crew began installing pavers from our "Buy a Brick" program. For a donation you can have a brick in our passenger station.
Yet another crew worked on installing insulated rail joiners to enable train detection for our signal system.



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