November 2008 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

November 15, photo to the right shows the addition of a switch at the north end of Sanford Yard. Below, this switch will lead to ballast tipple and to its right, the switch to the steaming/loading area.
In this photo you will see some of the excavation work in the steaming/loading area.
This picture shows area where the steaming racks will be assembled. Line from foreground to back will be position of retaining wall.
This photo shows completed ballast work in Lachooche from the west end.
This photo show the short section of single track mainline that is not signaled. A hard stop is in place from the sign to the curve seen further down track.


Saturday, November 22nd. This series of photos shows the posts being placed for our loading and steaming bay area. This effort took most of the day.
In addition, we unloaded a ballast hopper built by a member, spread more ballast on the railroad and another crew worked on installing doors on our tool shed.
This photo shows the door after it was completely framed in.
This series shows the completed post installation job and part of the crew involved. Photo below shows area where the steaming bays will be constructed.


Saturday, November 29. Crew built retaining walls on posts installed last week. This will be the site of our steaming bays and load/unload areas.
This photo shows the completed front wall where the steaming bays will be constructed. Plans call for 12 bays to be installed.
This retaining wall is where vehicles will pull through to unload equipment.
The graphic at the left illustrates how vehicles will transfer equipment from trailers to the track and steaming bays.




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