May 2008 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

At the May 3rd work session, members began the process of ballasting and leveling the track as it leaves Sanford Yard.
This photo shows a portion of the completed trackage.
This photo shows the first switch for the Sanford Yard is put in position. Tracks to newly completed car barn will be installed first.


May 10th was a public run day. Howver work continued on the railroad. This photo shows some of the trenching done to run water and electrical lines.
Also, another switch was assembled and put in position in the Sanford Yard area.


May 17th a track was placed to allow trains to now be stored in our car barn. At the same time a second crew work on trenching and laying pipe for signals and water.
At the other end of the railroad, we ran a total of three birthday trains.


Saturday May 24th the first two switch's for the carbarn ladder tracks were assembled and positioned. Also, track panels were positioned to begin laying the Sanford Yard loop.
Also completed was the trenching for water & power the length of installed track. Water is now available the full length.
At the end of the day, all rail equipment was stored in the car barn on temporary track.



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