July 2008 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

On July 5th, members cut ties, assembled track panels and two switches. All used to continue assembly of tracks to the car barn.
This photo shows the first five storage tracks installed in the car barn.
Another crew began to install floor in area to be enclosed for a tool crib in the track assembly area.


Saturday, July 20th. Today's crew shown at left. Part of crew worked on finishing floor of tool room. Another crew disassembled old track fixture to use parts to make a new one to accommodate 15' rail.
Mean while, another crew spread ballast on mainline track between Yard and Trilby Junction.

We also hosted 2 birthday trains

This photo shows new children's hats available for a donation of $12.


On July 26th, we received our second ballast and it was immediately put to work. Ballast was spread until rain sent everyone back to shelter.
Another crew went about rebuilding our track assembly fixtures to accommodate our new 15 foot rail.
This effort will be more efficient and gave us more room. Assembly of new track panels, with these fixtures, will begin next week.




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