December 2008 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

Saturday, December 6. Day began with roadbed preparation for the Sanford "Y" and load/steam tracks. Photo to the left is lead from north end of Sanford.
This shows the west end of the "Y".
A crew also cleared away an accumulation of pine needles and leafs to prepare for next weeks Grand Opening.
This series of photo's show the spreading of our crushed concrete base material.
These three show the final product after compacting. The photo directly below is where a track to the left will go to the unload lead and the one to the right to the steaming bays.

This photo shows the pull through area, now with all grading completed, where vehicles will exit after loading or unloading equipment.


On Saturday, December 13th, the CP&G celebrated the Grand Opening of the second phase of our railroad. As you can see, we had some special visitors.


December 27, the day started with the delivery of 2000 feet of rail. A portion of which we will make the lead to the steaming/loading area.
This series shows the finishing touches of some reworked track on Andrew's Grade where we have had slow order boards for a while.
Also, this week and last, engineer and conductor certification testing was conducted.
Starting in January, all crews riding the public must be certified.





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