August 2008 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

On August 2nd, construction of our tool room resumed. This area will have a garage type roll up door.
Sheathing was used on the perimeter of the room. Then an exterior siding material (made with cement) was attached to the walls.
These photos show progress made on new track assembly fixtures and new fixture for drilling of rail for rail joiners.
This photo shows the new 15 foot rail sections that were delivered on Saturday.


At the August 16th work session, work began to clear the area for our parking lot. Then clearing of brush and trees for the road to be used for loading and unloading. Then clearing of path for track from load area into the "Y" at Sanford Yard.
Work also continued on the tool room in our track making facility. The photo to the left and below show it from the inside and out. We will be putting a garage type door on the outside.
The photo below shows progress on the new curve track fixture. To the right shows the straight fixture in use and the new bench used to drill rail joiner holes in rail and the rail bender.
This photo shows the roadway cut for the load/un-load area. A transfer table/lift will cross the road way and move equipment directly to some steaming bays or track to the top of the yard.
Towards the end of the day, the crew takes a breather. Temperatures were in the 90's and humidity in the same range.


August 23rd, a walkway was constructed over the tracks in the car barn. New lumber was cut and then laid along the garage doors from the entry door to the other side.
Also, the curve track fixture was completed and the first of the 15' curve panels was assembled.
Additionally, the last switch for the car barn was partially assembled. Next week, we should have some switch points to complete it.


August 30th. Walkway across car barn tracks is complete. Engineer certification classes were held in the morning.
This photo shows part of the crew working on cutting more ties.
Over a dozen curved track panels were assembled for the tracks approaching the Sanford yard from the south.
This series shows our new ballast hopper being put to good use. The crew layed ballast from Lachooche all the way to Trilby Junction.
Photo to the right shows another crew leveling and tamping ballast. Below the track panels of the mainline to Sanford Yard begin to be put together. And last photo shows ballast train passing the other two crews.




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