April 2008 Photo's of RailRoad Progress

On April 5th, trenches were dug for water lines to service steamers. A couple of faucets were installed in yard area and one near the nearly completed car barn.
Other crews worked on the ballast bunker, installed additional pavers in station and built another switch.
This series of photos show loading of #11 switch on a flat car and transporting it to its destination. Switch was then put in position and connected.
These are photos taken at our April 12th, public run day.


The April 19th work session began with cutting of ties for use on tracks in car barn, switch assembly and completion of the ballast bunker.
Also the pavers in the station area were completed. Work then began trenching and installing water and electrical conduits to the station.
Track crew finished connecting the switch at west end of Lachooche, installed a switch for an industry siding then installed switch at east end of Lachooche.
This photo shows the car barn which was completed this weekend with the installation of doors.







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